Jasmine is one of the edible oil companies in India selling Grahasti oils which include mustard oil, coconut oil and gingelly oil (sesame oil).

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All the ingredients are cleaned and purified before undergoing the process of extraction. At every step there are quality checks performed to ensure utmost purity.


The process involved in extracting the oils is incredibly efficient to produce at least 3000 tonnes every single day and ensures the highest quality standards.


Jasmine edible oils has the quality certifications and passes all stringent quality certifications the oils undergoe a series of quality tests at every stage.


Jasmine edible oils comes in three different natural flavours of Mustard (avalu), Gingelly (til or nuvvulu), Coconut (kobbari) to give you the most authentic flavour.


The benefits of using coconut oil, Gingelly oil and til oil are plenty. Many research studies have held these oils in high esteem due to their high health benefits.

Jasmine Promise

Jasmine Edible oils promises a product that is not only high in it quality but also in its taste and freshness promising their health and vitality.

Jasmine range of natural and fresh edible oils

Here is our range of natural and fresh edible oils that ensures highest quality standards. Bringing you 15 litre, 5 litre, 1 litre, 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml sizes variants in Mustard, Coconut and Gingelly oils.




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Make your food come to life

The use of a good oil ensures the taste of your food is excellent. The quality of oil dertermines how good a person feels after consuming the food. Jasmine edible oils are flavourful, fresh and light all at the same time. Making these oils an ultimate ingredient in your daily cooking. Switch to Jasmine edible oils and see the difference in your cooking. The taste is enhanced multiple times in every dish with the use of our oils.

Achari Paneer Tikkas

Coconut Oil Fudge

Chinese Schezwan Sauce

Health Benefits of Gingelly oil

Prevents DNA Damage

This oil contains a chemical called sesamol which has antioxidant properties and helps you to protect against any DNA damage.

Boosts Circulation and Metabolism

Sesame oil has a significant percentage of copper which ensures the right amount of blood flowing to the organs and tissues.

Prevents Cancer

It helps in inducing apoptosis and preventing the growth of cancer cells in case of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Phytate may provide protection against cancer. The linoleic acid level is high linking in lower chances of colorectal cancer.

Relieves Anxiety

It boosts the mood by flooding the body with enzymes and hormones that makes a person feel happy. People suffering from anxiety and depression, the oil gives a positive boost and turn the moods around.

Improves Bone Quality

You can increase the rate of bone growth and development. The oil will also speed up any healing or regrowth of bones. It can help you avoid osteoporosis and various age-related weaknesses in the bones.